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Kids Martial Arts near Barrington

Kids BJJ

Takedowns, escapes, pins, submissions, our Kids BJJ class has it all! In our Kids BJJ program your child will learn the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu along with their classmates, helping each other grow.

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Kids Martial Arts near Barrington

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Come see why BJJ is the fastest growing martial art in the world! With its effective system of takedowns, pins, and submissions, BJJ is a great way to keep mentally and physically fit. Ditch your boring workout and come get some built in stress relief as you laugh, struggle, and succeed alongside your teammates in a friendly environment.

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Kids Martial Arts near Barrington


Punch, kick, it’s all in the mind! Our kickboxing curriculum is a combination of Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, and Karate (along with various other martial arts) to create an all-systems approach to the art of hitting while not getting hit. A potential for endless creativity, kickboxing is a fun way to get in shape. Join us today!

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Kids Martial Arts near Barrington

Kids Kickboxing

Get your kids off the screen and get them moving! In our kids kickboxing class your child will learn the fundamentals of striking, both offensive and defensive. Our curriculum is structured so each child learns at their own pace and is taught in a fun environment.

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Kids Martial Arts near Barrington

Private Training

Need that extra boost to get you over the hump? Our private lessons might be the answer! One hour of completely personalized lessons and individual attention, your improvement will noticeably skyrocket. Each session can be modified to better fit your learning style and needs.

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Welcome to Fighters United

Whether you're a novice or you're bringing your belt with you, Fighters United is here to help you succeed. We will provide you with hands-on coaching, inspirational mentors, and the earnest accountability you need to achieve amazing things every step of the way. Located in Barrington, we harbor a passion for Martial Arts and will train you to become an expert at one of the world's fastest-growing sports.

Fighters United is about you. It's about accomplishing your goals and providing you with an incredibly supportive community where you can pursue fitness, train hard, and dream big. From kickboxing to Gi and no-Gi jiu jitsu, we are your home for all things martial arts. Begin your journey today.

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